Saturday, March 7

"A dress up clothes"

Last night my friend Jenny, who lives in Minneapolis, was at my house and we were going to go out. Knowing she's a jeans and Gap t-shirt sort of girl I reminded her I have a house full of clothing and shoes in every size. Jenny arrived and we shopped the shop and settled on this little black mod dress and some great patent leather oxfords from the 1960s that I had just gotten that day. Since both of those were black I put her in shockingly hot pink tights to which she heartily resisted, but nonetheless, I won the battle. She's so cute in the outfit I think! It's a Dear Golden makeover of sorts! I mean, she's already cute as all get out and had some amazing black hair, so she's easy to work with. The best part came when I wanted her to put on this shamrock brooch and as she tried to put it on, WAY up by her neck in a very weird place for a brooch. I exclaimed and sort of made fun of her to which she replied, "well, I don't know, I don't even own a dress up clothes!" Hilarious to me. And so, here's Jenny and I, ready for our evening out.


brownbagvintage said...

aw, i played this game last friday with one of my friends who arrived in her work uniform for happy hour. i love being able to do that with the final touch being, "you look adorable but remember, you stain, you buy." fun fun!

littlebyrd said...

Look at you two cuites! I wish I had a friend close by with a house full of dress up - I probably wouldn't get much of anything else done if I did though. Your shop is looking great...I've been catching up on all the new additions you've added. Have a great rest of the weekend.

Jojo said...

Oh my god, you both look gorgeous! And Jenny's outfit is just fabulous - a great job! Hope you had fun looking that good :)

Frankie said...

You look so adorable, Lauren! x

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