Tuesday, March 31

New in the shop

Today my living room is very bohemian. Sold the couch, chair and ottoman and could not be happier about it, 9 years with one set is long enough. I am currently on the hunt for replacement furniture and won't rush it. In the meantime, it's very mid-Century meets a Turkish lounge with the rug strewn with pillows.
Kinda diggin' it.

Meanwhile, the shop's had an update. Not a big one, just a lil' one.


alixrose said...

Love the faux snake skin flats.. those are hot!

jarsika said...

HOW!?! do you find such cute purses? That is the one thing I can never really find. You just rock.

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Ohhh that blue dress with the subtle hint of floral...<3 x

cheryl said...

I might have to stop reading your blog. Because it makes me want to buy things that I have no hope of ever fitting into. That blue linen dress? Lovely.

Anonymous said...

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