Wednesday, April 1

A warm emptiness

Yesterday I wrote about how we sold our sofa, chair and ottoman and the room felt all open and Bohemian. Well the light was nice this morning so I took some photos. It's strange seeing it this way, it feels like when we first moved in many many years ago. I am going to wait for the perfect sofa to come along and meanwhile just have fun with this space as it is. The wide open space in front of the fireplace is PERFECT for yoga and will be used as such. Or maybe a dance party! Oh and everything except for the television and the credenza it is sitting on is thrifted, or from garage sales. Naturally!


littlebyrd said...

That is nice lighting. I'm in love with your 2 chairs - great finds.

~h~ said...

French doors, hardwood floors, a clawfoot tub, a room filled with windows, AND a fireplace!?! That's my kinda house. I'm liking the throw pillows on the floor, too. Peaceful, indeed. :)

Frankie said...

I love your looks so comfortable and homely! x

deedoubleyou said...

i love this room! and dance parties :)

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