Tuesday, March 31


Found! The universe has provided! I am always looking for something, some hat, some item of clothing, some piece of furniture, there is always something I am hunting down and for a little while now it's has been "tufted" things, specifically furniture. And what I really wanted was a pretty, antique, sort of worn out loveseat, very girlie. So this past week I amped up the search and yesterday, I found a listing on Craiglist for a "french sofa and loveseat", that was it, that was all the post title was. I clicked and nearly jumped out of my seat! The listing was for a sofa and loveseat and I was sure the stuff had sold. But it had not! And I was at the lady's house in a matter of 15 minutes, buying up a sofa, loveseat and she threw in a matching chair! Wha?!?? I know! Thing is I don't want the sofa OR the chair, but for $200 I wanted the loveseat and know I can SELL that sofa and chair. And will. But for now I cannot even begin to love this little loveseat anymore. It's the starting piece for the re-do I am planning for my studio/shop. My ahem...atelier...if you will, or I will, rather.

And you can see, Ella really likes the loveseat too.

And today I am not feeling funky anymore, don't know why, just am glad about it.

Dress - thrifted, cut off & hemmed. It's a great cotton vintage 1980s shirt dress from Brook's Brothers.
Belt - thrifted
Boots - thrifted
Tights - Hue
Necklace trio - from Metrode on Etsy

Music on my ride to work:
Joni Mitchell, seems my iPod is liking her right now
Boards of Canada
Caetano Veloso


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

The French Provincial loveseat is gorgeous!! Great find...isn't the hunt the best?

la cuisine bourgeois said...

The love seat is amazing! Your cat, however, completely steals the show! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

You lucky duck!!

la cuisine bourgeois said...

Hi Laura!

Fortunately for me, I have an old boyfriend who is a html wiz and helped me get the borders on my photos...but i actually started with one of the blogspot templates: "Harbor" which has the borders, then i inserted my little birds on a branch image. Of course if you need further help i can always recommend my old bf..hes great and loves to fiddle with that stuff!

as for my photos side by side...that's me tooling around with sizing and placement many times before posting...not tricks or magic there. :(

anyway, glad to help! but your blog is beautiful the way it is... :)

Anonymous said...

oh! so pretty. very shabby chic.

anabela / fieldguided said...

It's beautiful! I spent my entire childhood lying on one of those. Ours was green, but my parents had it reupholstered. Now it's grey and I want to steal it from their living room!

gladys said...

Now that is what I call a FIND! It's absolutely gorgeous.

Vintage Rose Clothing said...

Lovely! I'm so jealous... I'm looking for an antique dresser/vanity with a mirror right now, I love Craigslist you can find some great deals. What a score with that love seat! I love that french girly style to it!

Claira said...

Oh hello, that loveseat is to die for! x

littlebyrd said...

Oh wow. WOW! I am so jealous! It is wonderful. I love your outfit and joni mitchell.

deborah jean vintage said...

no more funk because you found the most perfect piece ever and are wearing a verrry cute outfit! that does it every time!

~h~ said...

$200? Wow. That lady was robbed. Love it!

atlantic treefox said...

omg, your cat! AHHH! cute attack!

Frankie said...

I love this so so so....you have NO idea how jealous I am! x

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