Tuesday, February 10

Please, bury me in my Ferragamo flats.

Think I am joking? I'm not. I got these shoes today and my day has already been just wonderful, but then these glorious, subtle, chic, elegant and practical (those words can actually describe one thing, yes!) gems arrived and I am in some serious heaven. I knew they were for me the second I laid eyes on them on Etsy at Chelsea's shop, ItalianPostcards, and did not waste a single second thinking and instead just bought them up. Heavens to bits I love them, look at the backs! So dang cool!

I blogged about losing my own boots of glory, but what is so wonderful about the vintage world is that there is always something out there to love, you let some amazing garment or pair of shoes go for whatever reason and nary have you forgotten that item than another one comes along!


Darrah said...

Can I just die in your Etsy shop? You have the best vintage ever! Once I get paid, I am shopping!

Anonymous said...

They are gorgeous, how lucky are you to find the perfect shoe that fits?

Frankie said...

those are bloody gorgeous...i think i just dribbled a bit x

Joanna Goddard said...


Anonymous said...

Those shoes are really gorgeous!! I love flats with a low wedge heel. It makes it so much more comfortable for me.

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