Wednesday, February 11

Lookbook Part 2

I am so excited, I am wearing my Ferragamo flats with a long dress and no socks, no tights, just feet! It's terribly pleasant, I don't care that its raining and will rain all day, its warm out, I've released my feet in somewhere other than a yoga studio or a shower!

Enough of my feet, onto the second installment of last year's looks I still totally love!


Darrah said...

I love bare feet! I know a lot of people think it is gross... but you're right, it makes you feel free!

deedoubleyou said...

i agree. i hardly like to wear shoes in the summer..and your shoes are so prettyyyy.
more good looks, i have the picture of the stripey girl with the wicked shoes saved too:)


just discovered your blog--loving your etsy shop! thought you might appreciate this.

Frankie said...

I want to see lots of pictures, please! x

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