Monday, February 9

Lookbook Part I

So last spring I made a bunch of photo compliations of the looks I was liking, and I have discovered after looking at them again (as we enter this spring), that I still like the looks a lot! So I thought I would share the photos with you in installments. Here is #1!


Darrah said...

I love the looks as well! You know its good when the clothes you love are timeless.

deedoubleyou said...

oh lauren i really like these too!
also i was just looking through your etsy shop and that cream/grey half and half sweater with the big buttons is TOO GOOD. i love it. (but my wallet wont let me buy it-sadface)
(oh and i did another post with the boots - this time with an outfit attached:)

Frankie said...

very chic! x

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