Friday, February 6

Parting is such sweet sorrow

It is a sad day. Sure, it's Friday, it's going to be a balmy 36 degrees and I am going out for cocktails tonight - but yet, it is a sad day. As I got dressed this morning I realized I needed to part with a pair of most wonderful boots. The BOOTS OF GLORY.

My friend Amy and I are on the constant and seemingly endless search for the boots of glory. Boots have a special place in many girl's hearts and we are no exception. Thankfully she and I are NOT the same size, lest a friendship be tested. Not long ago, I found these superb white leather ankle boots and thought I could just crumble under the weight of my glee. Then I put them on and they proved to me about a 1/2 inch too small. "No matter", I thought, these are spectacular to wear despite the pain (sheer delusion), and although I photographed them for the shop, I let them live in my closet and planned to wear them. Today was their big day! The weather permitted, I am wearing a navy shrunken blazer and skinny jeans, the environment just SO right for these babies. And when I placed them on my feet a Cinderella I was not. No can do. Not going to suffer like this, can't! And so, despondent, weakened, and defeated - I list them. And some gal with feet only 1/2 more petite than mine, will dance the dance of the cutest pixie in these indisputable Boots of Glory.

The end.


Darrah said...

I hate letting go of things you have a connection with. They are very cute, but the pain is not worth it!

Anonymous said...

I got MY boots of glory from you! :)

sweet sukha said...

My only sadness is that I won't get to see you wearing these for cocktails tonight. Sigh.

Frankie said...

I hate it when things just don't work out. I'm sure they will go to a good home x

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