Thursday, February 5

Bow, ruffles, pleats, tiers, pinks & feathers...

I love all these things. So girly. But what's weird is that it's not really how I dress. I have a more paired down, even slightly masculine, Annie Hall style MOST of the time. But inside I am totally wearing bow in my hair, feathers in my hat, ruffles on my blouse and a skirt of tiers of pleats! That being said I have made a resolution for the spring to let this inner FrillQueen out of the closet, but temper it with some dark elements. I love what Urban Outfitters (gasp! I know!) is doing in their latest catalog and this photo is in it. I love the dark-girly, sweet-sad vibe - gonna do it.


Anonymous said...

so totally blair.
she's speaking to you, y'know.
accept it.

kadler said...

It's so hard not to get caught up in the ruffles and bows these days, though I never expected to be a fan! So cute.

Frankie said...

I'm loving those looks too! SO traditional yet quirky x

Stacy said...

Love it.

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