Thursday, February 19

Off for a spell

I'll be away from my beloved computer machine starting Friday until Monday. It won't be easy, but alas you cannot yet be connected to the internet while driving along interstates for 9 hours. I'm off to Pennsylvania to fetch a vehicle, see a best friend and tackle a flea market. OH, and have a birthday celebration at The Ugly Oyster whereupon I will drink many pints of Guinness and eat my self silly with raw oysters!


~h~ said...

Cheveux intéressants ? Oui. Elle a un visage si gracieux. Même maintenant. And, since my French is terrible, I love Guiness, too. I just had a pint today, actually. I don't know very many women that like it. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

"It's Guinness time!" Cried the oysters.

Don't forget the perk of complimentary Tootsie Pops at meal's end.


Anonymous said...

Your "word verification" for that last post?


You're now known only as Lauren Reemola.

Tootsie Pop

Frankie said...

Have fun, lovely! x

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