Thursday, February 19

Home from the Hunt

Well thankfully, the gods of vintage are always with me. Today especially so! I discovered this website the other day that will tell you all the thrift stores in a certain city, ThriftShopper, and it has changed my life! I found THREE places that are within miles of where I usually go (out of town) that I had never been. Two Value Worlds and one Salvation Army. So now my thrift tours will take more time, but be more successful! I love how every place has it's some have great shoes, but crap dresses, some have amazing bags and coats and nary a shoe I care for. And what I realized also today was how much I have to CARE about an item to buy it for the shop. Every item I pick up and consider prompts me to ask myself, "do I care about this dress/blouse/coat..etc?" If the answer is no, it's nearly impossible for me to put the energy into putting the shop. There are times that I know an item will sell, but it's just not right for the shop whereas my taste is concerned, so I pass it up.

Today I found 4 huge garbage bags of things that made the CareCut, and well, now I have my work to do. I took some shoe photos, but aside from that everything has to wait as I am off to Pennsylvania for the weekend (yes I have mapped out the thrift stores to hit too!). So, I will leave you with these beauties I got today and will eventually make in into Dear Golden!

Also, if anyone knows of anything vintage-y worth checking out in Reading, PA or even Pittsburgh, please tell me about it! :)


Oni said...

wow those shoes up top are to die for. i never come across good shoes because my feet are an enormous size ten. grrr. thanks for the link though i move tomorrow!!!! and i will use it for my new town!

Kasey said...

good deal. i will have to check that out. oh, and i love the new finds...

~h~ said...

For the sheer fact that you are a Francoise Hardy fan, I have to keep tabs on you. Great shoes! Even lovelier dresses. Especially the wedding dress in heaven. wow.

Frankie said...

Wow, you scored big time! Good work, miss x

littlebyrd said...

I totally know what you mean about getting to know what goods a store has! I definitely have my favorites around here and it is funny how they consistently have something great in that department. It looks like you found some great items!

... said...

I see You have nice pairs of shoes !!
Thanks for your comment on easy fashion Paris !

Fred the Mole

Polly Rowan said...

I love those shoes! I especially love the cream shoes and the black pumps.
Are those your feet? You have really beautiful little feet haha!
I hate mine!

Please check out our new fashion blog. We set it up last week:

Thanks xx

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