Sunday, February 22

Pinwheel & Faux

I am planning a mega-photo shoot tomorrow and will be on tenterhooks wanting to get the new items posted, but they have not been measured yet and won't be posted as soon as I would like, so I thought I would placate myself by posting a couple things tonight. I am weary from the drive back home from Pennsylvania, but trying to stay up until 12:04 because that's my official birthday!

I am pretty keen on this pretty little faux fur shrug, usually I am not into vintage faux fur, but this is quite soft and very lovely so it makes the cut! I also love the big cuffed sleeves. The shoes I have had for a long while, but just never posted them, today is their day!

As a side note, I just love how the words "pinwheel & faux" work together, I wish I would have named Dear Golden that!


Frankie said...

Pinwheel and faux - cute! Where did the name 'Dear Golden' come from, by the way? x

Imelda said...

oohhhh i love that shrug!!!! it's so lovely, and so you..

xx imelda

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