Tuesday, February 24

Crying on the outside.

I love vintage! I do! And I JUST posted about how I just love it so much. BUT, today I met this dress. And it's not vintage. But it DOES have vintage flavor. And I savor the flavor! Eat it up! This dress makes me tear up a little. I just might save up for it, it'll be the most high priced item of clothing I have ever purchased by a long shot. And as I type this I am pretty sure I won't buy it, because I am too cheap. But yet, I can maybe make a color print out of this and like, nuzzle it all night or something. YOU can buy it though, and you can do that here, Beklina.


Imelda said...

love that dress really. it does have vint flavour written all over it.

xx imelda

littlebyrd said...

Oh geez! I think if you really really love it you should get it for yourself. I'll tell you a quick story: Last year I went into a boutique and found a dress and a coat that made me swoon. Together they cost $400. I had never, NEVER, spent that much on clothing. I left and drove around for awhile, called my husband, and then went back for the clothes. They are still my favorite items in my closet and worth every $ I spent. I don't go to that shop anymore though :)

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