Tuesday, February 24

The Vanillas

Tonight I posted some of the creamiest cream items. Take a peek!

Dancin' Mary Janes
Super comfy shoes, made for dancing the night away!

Bow & Lace Sweater
This fetching little number can coax pea right out of it's pod, if you know what I mean...

The Jackie O. Suit
Glorious, hand-tailored and of the most stunning quality. Made of wool and trimmed with peacock blue linen. So elegant.

Veryfine Dress
Demure 1960s vintage number, with subtle gold flecks throughout the bodice. The skirt is so full and swingy, makes one want to put on the Mary Janes and head out!

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Imelda said...

that veryfine dress is fab. love it!

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