Tuesday, February 24

Oh how the currents of fashion shift...

For months on end, I was so enthralled with bow, ruffles, peachy colors and all things girly. Somehow over the past week I have shifted and now seem to be loving all things fierce! One would think that the pending onset of spring would create the opposite affect, usually now is the time for pastels and flowers. But no, right now I want black lacy things, strappy assertive heels, hard-edged abstract jewelry and jeans jeans jeans - especially skinny white jeans. These fashion "rides" are so fun, I go to the shops and see things I might not have seen when my feminine frill eye was in the forefront.

That being said, I did have a revelation of sorts yesterday - I think because I see so much cool vintage fashion and so much creativity whereas other people's outfits are concerned (on various websites), that I have become a real fashion snob! A snob for vintage! For instance, I went to the mothership of fashion forward retail, H&M, and was utterly bored stiff! I felt like I could find MUCH cooler stuff on Etsy if I just searched. I felt like I could SELL better stuff, in fact! Not to mention, it has been so long that I have been in a chain, retail store that I was really put off at how there was so many of one item. You like a shirt, well so does like 400 other girls so they'll be wearing it too. I love vintage, you find something great and you know that only you have it!

I love how this girl is unabashedly fierce, that necklace is perfection, it reminds of something a Bauhaus artist would have made. Her shoes? Killer! I love how she's all edgy, but then the eggplant color of the skirt and the fuscia of the bag soften it up and make it more playful. I try to ignore that she is smoking...

This is a recent addition to the shop that fits right in this fierce and edgy trend I'm feeling, I'd keep this baby were it only my size! Those amazing leather shoulder epaulettes? Love them!!


vintijgospogurl said...

love that 'baby' of yours too :)

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

amazing shoulders! x

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