Saturday, January 31

Marry Me

Can I get married again? Because I need to get married in this dress. It's so lovely, so well-made, so unique and wonderfully vintage yet modern. Alas, I cannot get married again, so I must offer this dress up to some lucky lady who it woos as it has wooed me.

It's listed now in the shop, but because the shop only lets me post 5 photos, I am giving the dress a showcase here, as it deserves a show ROOM!


Stunning and one of a kind find, this dress. Handmade for a bride who undoubtedly looked positively heavenly in it.

Entire dress is made up of heavy white
embroidery with white slip sheath underneath. Empire waisted, long sleeve (slightly shortened, bracelet length), scoopneck with slight V, 6 satin buttons up the front, and 2 satin buttons on each sleeve. Trimmed in satin at collar and cuffs. Zips up the back with hook & eye clasp at very nape. Train snaps up into the hem of the dress when not in use.

This dress is VERY well made, and has a weighted handfeel to attest to it's well-craftedness.

Size: XS (2,4)-- See measurements.

Shoulder span: 14"

Bust: 32-34"

Hips: 40-42" (dress has A-line shape so more forgiving)

Length: 56" without train, 65" with train

Condition: Excellent, no visible flaws. It beautiful vintage condition.
No stains or tears.
I recommend dry cleaning before wearing.

**Will be boxed and ship with the utmost care and attention.**


Leila Marvel said...

This is beautiful!

byrdee said...

If I was half my size.
If I was getting married in a not-blazing-hot-or-humidly-stifling month.
I would snatch this dress from everyone's eager paws in a HEARTBEAT!

You should ALL be thankful that I sweat a whole bunch, thus making this fine piece available.

...and by "piece" I mean the dress not me.

Thank you.

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

This is truly gorgeous. If I ever get married, I will snap it up! x

Anonymous said...

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Kat said...

just came across your blog and love it! I am stying a photo shoot inpired by Ali McGraw and loved your ideas!

Check out my blog:

follow if you like. can't wait to see more from you!!

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