Wednesday, January 28

Treasury for me!

Last night, by some benevolent fortune (I actually had a very lucky day all around, starting with all the green lights on the way to work, ALL of them, in the 11 mile drive! Then the riding boots from the Salvation Army in light tan and MY size!) I scored a Etsy Treasury, I wasn't even trying, so that's nice! Don't know what the Etsy Treasury is?
It is a coveted section of the Etsy site, at least by sellers that gets updated every few days. A seller or buyer "curates" a set of items for sale on Etsy, they compile 12 items linked together in some way - that way is determined by the curator. It can be by color, theme, item, idea, pretty much anything at all. It's good fun. But the real cool thing is that the Etsy front page is chosen from these Treasury pages. Therefore if you curate a Treasury and it makes the front page, you feel very happy. Furthermore, if one of your items is IN a Treasury you get A LOT of exposure and views on your items, SUPER fun.

Anyway, here is my Treasury, it's my third! Click right on it to link to it, if you want.

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