Tuesday, February 3

Everythings Coming Up Roses Not Nearly Soon Enough

Like most of us in the colder parts of the world, now is about the time when the real longing for spring sets in. And I am no exception, sure, I've got plenty of cute boots, adorable tights, velvet mini skirts and glorious coats to wear, but now that the sun is out just a LITTLE bit longer I want to free my feet, release my shoulders and show my knees!

I bought myself some rose oil perfume not that long ago and wearing it has really inspired me to want to wear roses!
One of my favorite sellers on Etsy, Kalivoda takes vintage/used clothes and repurposes and redesigns them in the most delightful ways, here is one of my absolute favorites:

And some roses from my Etsy "garden":


Jennie said...

Roses are without a doubt my fave floral print!

Frankie said...

I can't wait for spring either - definitely my favourite season. I've been dribbling over that skirt of yours! Stop making me want to spend a fortune! x

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