Saturday, August 11

art imitating my cat

 So this post is a little self-indulgent, I admit it. But if I can't self-indulge a little on my own blog, then where in the heck can I? And so, this post is just a little illustration of how, so obsessed I am with my little cat Ella, that I even choose house decor that IS her very colors. This isn't intentional, I notice(d) it after the fact. The pottery was collected from thrift stores and also a this ceramic artist  in Leland, Michigan whose work I instantly loved when I was recently up there on vacation. Below are some shots I took in his shop. 


thatdamngreendress said...

aw...kitties love it when you surround them with their own colours! My cat rousseau, who is also very grey, is very much enjoying the weathered grey boards of our cottage right now!

Judith said...

I don't want this to sound mean, as I love your blog and think your cat is beautiful but is it slightly cock-eyed?

Lindsay Living said...

Your blog is adorable and so is your cat! I love the pottery! It reminds me of the pottery my friend has, which was designed by her potter mother. The colors are splendid. Glad I found you!

the desert echo said...

I love the vase in the third picture, it reminds me of lichens!

And in regards to you sweet kitty, I find nothing beats nature when it comes to colour harmonies!

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