Friday, August 10

summer glamour

credits: Drury Bynum and Shinecreative TV

photo credit: Jamie Campbell

Another reason to love Instagram, I discover beautiful images like these of Lane Harlan (lanesomedove on Instagram); the natural beauty posts romantic and lovely photos and I am always jealous of her glorious hair. I saw a photo of her in a hotel pool and just had to know more about it. She was nice enough to email me screenshots of a commercial she did for Four Seasons hotel and also some behind the scenes shots. The second image is my favorite. 


Alicia said...

I love these images! Thanks for sharing.

Free Bingo said...

Thanks for sharing! I super love those pictures you posted. The colors are gorgeous and I want to pull off that look at the beach someday.

Katherine said...

Beautiful composition on these photos. Love this blog!

Giselle said...

Great images! Makes me want a pair of those white sunglasses for myself.

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