Sunday, May 13

never say never, part II

If you've been visiting the shop long enough you might have noticed I list new items based on color. It's something I have tried hard to break away from but can never seem to do. My brain just won't allow me to let the front page not coordinate for some reason. It keeps me from listing certain amazing pieces so I am putting forth another effort of mix up the shop updates whereas color is concerned. This is sort update is sort of just me just dipping my feet in the water and throwing in a few items that don't "match". We'll see how long I can keep it for now, but in the interim, here's a SHOP update!


cara said...

it still looks beautiful, regardless of not "matching"(although it looks pretty matchy to me)!

Coby said...

I really like how you "match" the items as you list. It makes for a co-ordinated shop update and front page (like you said) and gives a well curated feel to your shop. I wouldn't try to stop that if I were you!

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