Wednesday, March 7

wedding trio

I recently found these three dresses, together, and I can't help but to think they were a bride's and her bridesmaid's dresses. Say, in 1961 or so? How pretty would an early spring wedding be with this pastel palette?
All three will be in the shop soon!

All three dresses are now available in the shop.
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Kirby Carespodi said...

LOVE THEM!! What sizes?

Shadia said...

Wow! Makes me want To get married all over again. Soo beautiful.

Rebekka Seale said...

I love all the pastels in your shop right now!

Jean Jean Vintage said...

"Oh Lauren!" That's what I just said out loud when I saw this post. That is all. Such beauties!

Bruklyn Belle said...

Ugh, I would die to have those in my wedding! Soooo lovely!

Mirabel said...

Just told my boyfriend I was going to get married and that he shouldn't worry.

Cherry Monster Fashion said...

Those are so beautiful!

Unknown said...

Beautiful dresses! Perfect for weddings.

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