Wednesday, March 7

beyond pretty | 1920s dress perfection

I love this dress so much that I felt it needed it's own blog post. How much more breathy and delicate can a dress get? 1920s bias silk chiffon with the most demure of details. In the SHOP now. 


Wild Tea Party said...

It's divine Lauren! It's so soft and delicate. If only women wore dresses like this on a daily basis.

Oh, and I meant to say, knowing your interest in period piece TV shows, you should check out the Australian show 'Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries'. It's set in 1920s Melbourne, and the dresses and interiors are amazing.

Katie said...


Cherry Monster Fashion said...

This is so nice!


Wow! This is a gorgeous dress!

NickSmithlove said...

Not to mention setting my affinity for 1920s & art Cheap Outerwear For Women aflame.

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