Wednesday, March 21

Eatable of Many Orders - yes, again!

I've been loving Eatable of Many Orders since 2009 when I couldn't shut up about their clothing. I am so happy they are still designing, their collections have this really great pulled back and minimal whimsy that I totally love. And every collection is so different from the next. This one is probably the most whimsical yet. 

That being said, nothing can match the love I have for their spring/summer 2009 collection. 
Still my most beloved clothing ever. I even tried to channel their vibe HERE. Every time I scroll through this collection I get overwhelmingly inspired to throw out almost all my clothing and make my whole life look like this. I am probably going to annoy you by blogging about this 2009 collection for the rest of my living life. No wait, I hope I don't blog for the rest of my life...please no. 


Wildfell Hall Vintage said...

oh man I like all this stuff a lot...however the 09 collection would be something my husband would say "oh is there a belt?" when I put it that last dress and the very first outfit in the 2012...coolio! right I'm off to pop on a head scarf!

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