Tuesday, April 7

Channeling 'Eatable of Many Orders'

I wasn't at all joking when I said i completely lost my mind over the Eatable of Many Orders collection, and today I thought I'd try my hand at creating the same effect. Good thing it was cold today (again!), so I was able to wear this sweater!

Andrew Bird is going to be at Borders today playing three songs, right at lunchtime! I am going there, but I bet it will be really packed with people. Still, it's hard to NOT go. He's playing a show in town tonight and I'll be missing about it because I heard about it too late to get tickets so Borders in my only chance.

Sweater - thrifted
Pink silky t-shirt - thrifted
Skirt - thrifted
Coat - 1950s wool and cashmere, thrifted!
Coach bag - thrifted, seriously!
Clogs - Dansko

Music on my ride in:
The Sea and Cake
The Talking Heads
Jonas Bering
120 Days
New Order


~h~ said...

Oh, I love Andrew Bird. Lucky you! And that sweater looks like something I would live in. For days. On end. Very nice ensemble, in other words.

Sacky said...

Andrew Bird is actually playing tomorrow at the Michigan Theater at 8:00. I am pumped! Cool troutfits!

Frankie said...

Lauren, you are just too stunning. You can wear anything and look great! x

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