Friday, December 9

snow day!

I have a real slugger of cold so this outfit post is more about the details. My face is weird and puffy, always fun. Also, it's officially snowing (which is a good thing!), fat pretty snow and this lucite necklace just seem to fit the day. 

crop cardigan ◊ thrifted
vintage lucite necklace ◊ antique mall
antique aluminum & rhinestone hair pin ◊ antique shop
vintage 1990s Swatch watch ◊ eBay
high waisted wool trousers ◊ thrifted
black leather ankle boots ◊ garage sale (many moons ago)


Q's Daydream said...

I love it! Cozy :O)

Jean Jean Vintage said...

I love all your accessories, but especially the lucite necklace! Your pants are pretty great, too.

Secondhand Stella said...

I have a similar lucite necklace. It definitely reminds me of ice.

TRVS said...

Love that the snowflakes are back on the blog and jealous you have real snow falling outside...send some Eastward please!

ginaboury said...

so pretty lauren. love your trousers!

lana said...

love the necklace!

Katie | said...

I absolutely ADORE this amazing necklace!

agnes szucs said...

love this outfit! especially the trousers and the necklace! we still don't have snow, but i don't mind... i prefer pluses... and snow is not so in a big city... :)


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