Sunday, December 11

Romaine Brooks : Thief of Souls

self-portrait 1923

Peter a Young English Girl (1923-1924) 
La Jaquette Rouge (1910)

La France Croisée (1914)

Le Trajet (1911) 

La Baronne Emile D'Erlanger (1924)

Romain Brooks' art studio

I love biographies, specifically biographies about women and having read the biography of Natalie Barney (1887-1972) sometime last year I came away with an interest in her long term lover/companion Romaine Brooks (1887-1970). I always love how one interesting woman leads you to another & when you are reading about the culture of the left bank of France during the 1920s there is no shortage of interesting women to learn about. 

Brooks was a painter whose palette was dominated by the color gray, in1904 she travelled to St. Ives on the Cornish coast, rented a small studio, and began learning to create finer gradations of gray. I love the intensity that she creates while maintaining a certain muted flatness. You can read more about her life & work here and here. Also you can watch a film called Paris Was a Woman about the women on the left bank of France in the 1920s, or read the book.


Marie said...

Thank you for recommending this film, it is exactly the sort of thing I love.


BaronessVonVintage said...

WOW. I had not heard of either! AMAZING!

Unknown said...

Love this post. PS, I think the birth dates might be incorrect. Do you me 18--? Thanks for the great post, sugar!

Rebecca said...

These paintings are so interesting, I am a big fan of grey and the part about her learning to paint finer graduations really appeals to me. Thanks for sharing.

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