Friday, August 19

in the friend zone

My best friend, Madeline, is here visiting me until Monday and she could not come at a better time, I certainly can use the break. The days and nights are already packed with plans - Lise's concert, cocktails and dinners, a woody walk, old car show, going to see The Help, a night at the jazz club & Sunday afternoon at the spa....a gal could get used to this kind of life...

This outfit really isn't all that blog worthy, but I have not done an outfit post in a long while so...

striped tank top  thrifted
paperbag cotton skirt ◊ JCrew 
cropped cable knit cotton cardigan  thrifted
brown leather platforms ◊ thrifted
vintage heart necklace  gift from Madeline, many years ago

some older photos of we gals


BaronessVonVintage said...

Have an awesome weekend! Sounds like you WILL. Love that striped tank!

Maria Casteel said...

this makes me happy. i love best friends.
i'm going to see 'the help' tonite


i love your chopstick bun! and bff weekends are the best, enjoy.

PuppyLovePrincess said...

such a lovely necklace!

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