Thursday, August 18

claudette et la petite fille chanteuse

Coucou! (See me being all French?) Yesterday a cherished friend of mine, Claudette,  brought over her lovely friend Lise to shop for a dress for Lise's concert in town this Friday night. Lise is from France and comes complete with a charming accent and a body that is made for vintage dresses. The afternoon was basically spent putting Lise into dress after dress like she was our very own human dolly. I declare the girl made a masterpiece of each lovely frock. Of course Claudette couldn't resist walking away with a 1950s polka dot dress herself having arrived to my house in a polka dress she bought in the shop a couple of weeks ago. 

I so look forward to Lise's concert this Friday at Claudette's shop M E T A L, if you local you should come check out the free concert and see the dress Lise chose for the show. 

To hear Lise's music, click here


Maria Casteel said...

those first two photos are mesmerizing. wow.

6x6 life said...

How lucky is she ! I've added your shop in my favourites for a while now, and I'm waiting for the perfect dress to buy. So much beauty in it !
The pictures are lovely.

Fickle Sense said...

Such lovely dresses to go with such a sweet voice!

Irene :: { Heirloom Attire } :: said...

Wow, beautiful photos! And that polka dot dress is to die for! Your friend is a lucky lady!

PuppyLovePrincess said...

what a pretty gang of dresses! that's right, i call them gangs ;)

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