Wednesday, June 8

jam pants in action

I don't know why I call them jam pants, but I also call them "jiggly butt" pants because for some reason they make my butt seem more jiggly (or maybe that was all the pastries I ate while visiting Duff in California). They are the aforementioned Anthoropologie purchase and don't I wish they made these pants in more prints. They provide an absurd level of comfort and have great pockets.

white cotton tank ◊ thrifted?
braided leather sandals ◊ thrifted
1940s carved wood necklace ◊ antique shop
traditional Hmong woven bag ◊ art fair purchase
1980s mottled sunglasses ◊ thrifted


thatdamngreendress said...

Oh my...I love the super simple way you've styled these- the slim strap sandals are the perfect way to wear these pants!

gleeps said...

You look so casual chic! I am salivating over that necklace - what a lucky find.

Jean Jean Vintage said...

Yeeessss! I am wearing mine right now with a tank top, too. You look so happy and so warm :)

Kels@hoboheart said...

That necklace almost looks like Ivory. It's so cute!

jess said...

Wow, I'll admit that I didn't think "jam pants" could look chic-- but you pull it off!

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