Monday, May 23

spring/summer dress preview :: part 6

I was serious when I said these previews will seem never-ending, to me it feels like the 
spring/summer dress file I have is ever-growing, because it is actually, ever-growing!

If you want more information about one of these dresses send me an email at, 
be sure to attach a photo of the dress and your size/measurements.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you have so many wondrous dresses in one place!!! Truly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Bottom left pink dress is my absolute favorite! Off to stalk the shop!

PrettyDamnCute said...

Desperately trying NOT to email you about the 40s black/navy? number in the top row. But if I have a good week on Etsy, you will definitely be hearing from me.

BTW -- I imagine that your dress previews make me feel like readers of Dicken's serial stories felt like. Desperate for the next issue! Keep 'em coming, even if my budget only permits them to be eye candy.

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