Tuesday, May 24

a sort of uniform

Part dress, part jammies. At least that is what this dress feels like to me. Like many gals I am a sucker for blue & white stripes. So despite already having a dress almost juuuuuust like this, I couldn't resist this one when I saw it at Anthropologie. Whereas in the winter the work uniform tends to lean heavily on the yoga pants, the summer work uniform leans heavily on long soft maxi dresses. Although I am a sort of short 5'5 I love maxi dresses, I know they likely make me look even shorter, but somehow I feel tall in them.

Also, I know that it is sort of nerdy to smile in these outfit photos, but believe me, I look sort of awful in photos when I do not smile, so despite it not being terribly cool to smile, it's better than the alternative, so nerd it up I will.

Also...the shop's SALE SECTION has been freshly stocked! Check it out HERE.  

striped jersey maxi dress ◊ Anthropologie
gray cardigan ◊ thrifted
brown leather belt ◊ thrifted
antique Victorian heart locket ◊ antique mall


Anna K. said...


Unknown said...

lovely dress! i just bought a navy & white stripe one.
maxis are so comfy and I too feel they make you feel taller, even though you may be shorter :)

Carol Catherine said...

gotta love those long dresses!! if anyone can make pajamas look glamorous it's you.

Anonymous said...

I love the dress! I just fell head over heels for a blue wrap an Anthro. I just love that place!

Miss Emmi said...

I loooooove maxi dresses for that reason! feels like wearing pjs all day but nobody can tell!

Maria Casteel said...

if smiling isn't cool, i don't want to be cool.
also, you look awesome. and tall! like a goddess.

Unknown said...

I would have never guessed that you were 5'5, you always look way taller in your photos. I just bought a maxi dress this last week and being 5'4 I thought the same thing, but it feels like it works, I hope it looks the same way:)

Megan said...

If I saw this dress too I would have def picked it up! No matter how many i have just like! So cute and it looks so comfy!


oh, albatross said...

love the outfit and even more love how happy you look. xo.

De La Belle said...

You are so cute! I have the exact same problem with not smiling in photos :P

mama leanne said...

a really cool look...love the striped maxi and the smile

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