Sunday, May 15

spring in the house

To me spring means filling the house with flowers and I am so lucky to have a friend who runs the coolest flower/plant shop in Ann Arbor called Pot and Box. Recently I paid her a visit and left with many a bouquet well-stocked with my favorite flower, the ranunculus. Sophie was all over the forsythia the minute it hit the table, but I don't think it was the blooms she wanted, she really just wanted to burrow in the paper that the flowers were wrapped in.


Jenny said...

Whenever Spring comes around, I fill my house with flowers. It really brightens my day! I am relocating to Ann Arbor in two weeks from San Francisco (although only for two months or so). I am definitely going to have to visit the Pot and Box when I get there as well as all of the lovely estate sales. I love you store as well!

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of forsythia. I have some in my garden and I love that I can bring it indoors as well.

tree and kimball said...

orange ranunculus made up most of wedding bouquet & i have enjoyed keeping a few around the house as well this spring. nothing quite like fresh cut flowers to brighten up one's desk!

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Beautiful! I love that photo of Sophie. We don't have the house filled with flowers--just some daffodils in a vase--but considering how everything in the yard is in bloom right now, we easily *could*!

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