Thursday, January 6

when you can't have rachel comey

Like many of us, I've lusted after a pair of Rachel Comey shoes but can't seem to shell out over $300 on a pair of shoes, and so after pining for long enough I did purchase both of these babies and dare I say I feel almost satiated. At $88 a piece from Urban Outfitters (free shipping when you spend $75 or more too!) they certainly are easier on the budget. Will I still pine for the Rachel Comey Mars boot? Of course. Will I still purchase the Rachel Comey Mars boots. Ask the 8 ball. But for now what I'm really pining for is spring when I can actually wear these!


Miss Moss said...

the other day i spent about 3 hours surfing online just to find wooden platforms that are like my favourite rachel comey styles. no joke. but anything over $100, not including shipping and customs, is a bitch for us south africans. sigh.

ps: i like the brown ones

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

my goodness, the color of the leather of that top pair is gorgeous.

as for rachel comey shoes on the cheap - have you checked eBay? i bought a pair of boots (these: for $100. they were unworn and in perfect condition.

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