Tuesday, November 16

a well-stocked shop

The shop is hovering at 200 items every day now and while I could stock it with at least 100 more items a day I hold back for fear of offering too much at once and thereby just making people feel overwhelmed. But this time of year when I want to tread the line between cozy autumn clothing and pretty holiday wear it gets hard to stay at the 200 mark. Sometimes I want to open another shop just for the real snazzy dresses, like Dear Golden Dresshop, but then that might be so much work I'd regret it. I feel like I often have so many plans for the shop and it's future but just can't seem to find the time for anything but what it takes to just keep the monster running and to that end, all of the above is now available in the shop!


Anonymous said...

You are doing a beautiful job keeping your shop well curated and current. I just love the above hat and brooch! Keep up the fantastic work!

Unknown said...

very well stocked indeed...and looking GREAT!! let the shopping begin.

raleigh vintage

Wildfell Hall Vintage said...

I often think just that when I look at your shop, how does she do it all? keeping my fingers crossed that you find a building so you can keep the monster running as well as make some changes, what a great monster though!

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