Friday, August 27

up, up & away

This, what seems like the last weekend of summer will be spent in northern Michigan in the Leelanau Pennisula; a final break before the industrious autumn begins. The last photo is the town in which we'll be staying, Sutton's Bay. We'll be tucked away in a little B&B by the beach, run by a woman who is renowned for her baked goods, I'll be packing loose fitting clothing, needless to say. 

But before I go, one last shop update for the week & weekend. I'll be back to work on Tuesday!


Maria Casteel said...

relax and snuggle. and i love the 30's blouse.

Zohar said...

what a great update! I love the peep-toes and actully the dress your'e wearing to show off the black purse is fantastic! Enjoy your time away.
Honestly - I can't understand the end of summer thing, because it's still boiling here.. blah.

the vintage hat shop said...

I love Suttons Bay! We were up Frankfort/Crystal Lake way last week. Beautiful.
If you come down US 31 consider stopping at the Cherry Hut for a cherry pie. Yum.
Enjoy the view. Love your new shop additions.

Jessie said...

You always have the most beautiful clothes in your shop!

KristiMcMurry said...

Have fun! Beautiful additions to the shop

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

you always have the best clothes in your shop.

also I love these photos!

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