Thursday, August 26

black, white & saffron

Back to back shop update posts. Why? Well, in the spirit of honesty I will tell you that I have not done an outfit post in a while because I just got real tired of seeing my own face on my blog all the time. Sounds sort of pissy doesn't it? It cannot be helped it's just how I feel...and also I have been working mega hard lately getting over 1,000 photos taken in the past 2.5 days and starting the seasonal garment switch-out, and when you have well over 1,000 dresses alone it's a pretty huge undertaking,  so putting on a cute outfit is sort of silly. But I have been stocking the shop a lot every day so there's plenty of fodder for shop update posts...and thus, all the above are now available in the shop.


Melissa Righero said...

Swoon. Mustard. I love the change of season, cozy knits and muted colors. Can't wait to see what you bring this year.

BaronessVonVintage said...

You are my hero(ine). 1,000 dresses? swoon!

Courtney said...

love that black dress. so simple, yet so chic.

Bridget said...

top two, I LOVE.

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