Wednesday, August 4

Dressed in 1964

Seeing as this season's Mad Men is set in 1964, I thought it'd be fun to take a little dress tour of the decade. This is not an exhaustive pictorial to say the least, but it gives you a good idea how the 1950s still maintains an influence (full skirts, nipped waists, pencil skirts) while distinctly 1960s elements are in full effect (drop waists with box pleats, boxy tops of dresses and boxy tops in general and super simple shift dress). I myself am so interested how the show will treat the disparity between sort of "out of fashion" gals and "fashion forward" ones. I am going to wager a guess that the new "swingin' 1960s" styles that they'll show won't tickle my fancy...but you never know! That show DOES work some kind of magic.

images via ZipZapKap


KristiMcMurry said...

I love the very top right set!

Isaac & Andi said...

LOVE, LOVE this historical, fashion tour of 1964!! THANKS! Just wait until the show gets into the mid/late 60s MOD, I'll be in heaven!

Miss Moss said...

that blonde basically looks like betty, too! she'll probably be rocking those sleek two piece suits a lot this season (just going on that one episode)

december.rose said...

they have already given peggy an new haircut which is much much better. and i think they will make her the new "trendy" one since that's what SCDP is all about. pushing the limits.

bahh i love that show.

arnique said...

Thank you! I find this little guide very useful. Sometimes it's hard to categorize clothes into certain time periods.

A from A + B in the Sea

Anonymous said...

Heey 1964 is my favourite year, how did you know? :) I´m born 1996 that´s way too late. :''''( But why have these models all short hair?^^ And the left set at the top is more 50s, isn´t it?! The bottom right set and maybe at the top right are the clothes I think most of when I think of 1964. *Love from Germany, Eva* :)

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