Thursday, July 29

new mauve

A long while back (over a year; I can't believe I have been blogging that long) I called for a modernization of three colors names. You can see that post here. Those colors were dusty rose, mauve & teal. Perhaps is the era in which I grew up but those color names just seem unpleasantly dated to me. Though I think teal may be having a renaissance of sorts (too bad) because of the popularity of 1980s clothing. But I digress, I still would love to hear your ideas for new monikers for these colors!

On to this dress, this pale mauve dress. Gorgeous 1940s crepe with elegant draping and goldtone metal drops on the false belt. It is imperfect, with a tiny hole here and there, and so it's mine and I think although it's pretty dressy, it isn't too dressy to just wear. And so I did. I quite like it paired with modern sandals and unfussy hair. See, you can wear vintage of all kinds every day!

1940s something-other-than-mauve dress - private estate purchase
faux reptile gladiator sandals - coconuts, purchased at DSW (over a year ago).


Mrs. Potts said...

Agree with you about the color names. A few days ago I listed a pair of mauve heels, but I completely left the color out of the title because nobody goes searching for 'mauve' even though they're beautiful shoes. 'Mauvelous' perhaps?

Mother Midnight Vintage said...

i seem to recall an attempt to popularize "pink champagne" a few years back.
teal is a horrible color and it deserves it’s awful name! :)

Sadie Rose said...

mauve is such a tough one! it IS mauve, so it is hard to rename it, although I agree with you ladies - it doesn't really strike one as elegant or lovely, just sort of muted and old-lady-ish. we must think of something wonderful to call it.

on a slightly related note, my 5 y/o son insists on calling all things seafoam, "sea-phone".


Anonymous said...

that is really 'everyday' elegant.. lovely

Adelaide's Homesewn said...

oh, you are soooo good at this. making vintage non-fussy and wearable. can you teach a class?

Anonymous said...

I will throw in a dissenting vote and say that I like the color teal, though a darker teal and not the neon-bright teal we're all likely associating with the 80s. But the name is awful. I prefer to describe the color I love as "peacock blue." I like "pink champagne" but since I love champagne and dislike mauve, I'm not sure it works for me! However you look lovely, as ever, in that dress. - Queen Lucia

Courtney said...

Peacock blue is perfect as a sub for teal, I'm with Queen Lucia. I love that color so much, and always think of the Raymond Carver story about the peacock (can't recall the name) and the peacocks I saw in New Zealand that were so tame they would come up and sit next to you. Once you see one up so close, you have a whole new appreciation for the color.

The dress is lovely, as are all of your dresses and pairings.

Jacqueline said...

I rather like the moniker "ashes of roses" for mauve hues, though that's really more old-fashioned, rather than less. (It's also taken from "The Thorn Birds.")

goldenmeans said...

This dress is *spectacular*.

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