Friday, March 13

Color Moderization: Your Input Needed

Though this blog is primarily about vintage fashion, I do believe that SOME things are better left in the past. This morning I got into a discussion about color; I am wearing a big bow in my hair and the question is, what color is it? Someone said "dusty rose", whereupon we all agreed that is a name that just doesn't sing and if it sings it sings the same song as "mauve". We do not like this song. My friend Jason is wearing a sweater we all called "teal". This is also a name we think probably doesn't conjure up real interest. Naming colors is like a science, I mean, when I see the JCrew or Anthropologie catalog and they have shoes in "soft shell", or a blouse in "beach", those name certainly do their work on me.

Therefore, I propose renaming (and note all computers "read" color slightly different, so please excuse if what you see if not what you think is dusty rose, let's just say it's close enough...)

1. Former name: Dusty Rose
New name: ____________
2. Former name: Teal
New name: ____________
3. Former name: Mauve
New name: ____________

And I am enlisting your help! I have some ideas, but I want to hear yours! Tell us all what we should call these actually pretty colors that just need some marketing help, if you will! Oh and if you have OTHER colors you think should get a name makeover, let's hear it!


Anonymous said...

1. Cat Tongue

2. Microsoft Green

3. Silly Putty

deborah jean vintage said...

haha. cat tongue. i second that one! or maybe cat paw. that might be slightly precious-er.

Frankie said...

1. Former name: Dusty Rose
New name: SORE
2. Former name: Teal
New name: greenybluey
3. Former name: Mauve
New name: Bruise



Anonymous said...

1. Piaf
2. Al Green
3. Pauvre

Helen Janow Miqueo said...

This is too difficult....

Ok. Since I am an artist, I would call them a Liquitex acrylics names:

Light Portrait Pink
Cobalt Teal
Brilliant Purple (the closest i can see)

Anonymous said...

Also an artist and painter by trade..


lauren said...

I looooove callling 'mauve' 'mid-evening' instead!!

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