Saturday, July 10

Balmain 1954

Oh to be a fly on the wall in the model's dressing room for this 1954 Balmain show. Look at all the pretty billowy dresses just hanging up high. Though I am sure it was chaotic, everyone looks so incredibly elegant. Spot the lady just sitting alone, in sunglasses having a smoke. Also note the waist sizes on some of these women, without corset/fooundation garments on, wow.


Gertie said...

These are wonderful! What a rare glimpse behind the scenes. Thanks so much for posting!

Q's Daydream said...

Wow! These pictures look so modern! and yes the waists are so tiny. I'm always making my belt as tight as it will go to get my waist smaller, lol. My grandmas waist was 18 inches!!!

Sarah Dee said...

wow! these photos are stunning!


Anonymous said...

Holy smokes these are amazing! Why does each and every lady look like they just know "what's up" with life in general - not like todays models that look like they know "what's up" with what party to hit next, etc. The elegance factor is definitely missing today. Also noted that they all look like women, not 14 year old boys... Smitten with these!!!

Lightning Heart said...

these images are amazing!

Lauren Moyer said...

These pictures are truly incredible!

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