Friday, May 14

you mean it's not the '70s?

Dear vintage gods, please put me in the path of all natural fiber pretty floral 1970s blouses. I will promise to buy them up and channel Carly Simon while I wear them out for drinks with my girlfriends and even taking out the trash. If these blouses are black with floral prints I will be extra grateful. I'll promise to listen to a lot of Van Morrison and hang all my plants with handmade macrame. Thank you!

black cotton blend 1970s blouse - thrifted
black jeans - Levi's
platform clogs - Swedish Hasbeens
black floral necklace - thrifted


Lyndsay Dusek said...

Look at that neck, folks!

Courtney said...

Aw, such a pretty top! I love it, and the rest of your outfit too.

Jaeveberry said...

I just picked up a cute 70's-ish floral top at a vintage shop the other day. I can't get enough of it. The one you have on is lurrrvley! xo

Kate said...

I'm coveting the blouse and actually the whole outfit.

Sarah Dee said...

It is the 70s!!!!


JaimeNicole said...

So simple and pretty

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