Saturday, May 15

it's raining fleas

Oh day of many flea markets is here.  Where I live there aren't flea markets and I often read about other vintage and antique lovers going to flea markets and I am always so jealous. Today I get my chance to peruse some markets and will head to three - perhaps too many in a day, but nonetheless when it rains it pours. Here's to hoping it pours some real gems I can bring home to Michigan.

And also, a shop update of the above items. Happy Saturday!


Tess said...

Oh fun! What flea markets did you find to explore? I tried going to a couple in Michigan but they were all junk. :( I hope you find lots of amazing things!

kater said...

You always find the best polka-dot dresses! Between the first on there and that lolipop one from a few weeks ago, ahhhh! They are both sooo perfect! One of these days I will save my pennies and nab one :)

Pixie Drive-In said...

Ooo, love the poodle skirt! Adorable!

Sarah Dee said...

Good luck! Im going next month but alas there is never any clothes...


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