Sunday, May 30

softest ever

I love the washed out pallet and lighting of these photos from Calla's Spring 2010 collection. I also get a pretty neat "minimalist pin-up" sort of thing from them. I am pretty sure I wouldn't run around in a nude bustier, but hey, fashion is also about fantasy, isn't it?


Carys said...

Wow, such a beautiful colour palette, it's so spring-like and lovely!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

The Church of Vintage said...

I love the illusion of nude clothing creates, very seductive.

However I hate saggy crotch Dhoti style pants, there's nothing sexy about a saggy crotch.

A few of the pieces remind of Gaultier.

Miss T said...

Stunning. I Always find a delight every time I visit your blog.

Hope you're well miss. :)

Teresa said...

Those photos are lovely and they do exude a feeling of sheer softness. Thank you for sharing! :)

Sarah Dee said...

I love the nude bustier!!


Jean Jean Vintage said...

ahhh paleness. This post is like a cool cloth on the back of my neck . . . soothing and restful in this bright, hot season! Thanks Lauren!

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