Friday, February 5

rebel, rulebreaker, charlatan

So, here's the deal. I am wearing this today. But I am not as home as I appear here. I am visiting friends in New York and going to the Manhattan Vintage Show today. But, I wore this the other day too. Broke a major personal rule that is, "don't wear the same thing twice".  But then I have recently broken other rules I have like, "don't work from home all day in your jammies". So meh. Here I am wearing this days ago and wearing it again. The thing is I bought this dress on Etsy and the seller had two of them, the other is blues and greens and well, I like this jumper so much I bought the second one up too.


Sarah Dee said...

I love that dress! I just stumbled across your blog by chance and the first thought that came to my mind was Dear Golden Vintage? like on etsy??? Instant Follower. I love your shop and Im sure Im going to love your blog too


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

You don't EVER wear the same thing twice? Ever? *mind boggles*

Jealous you are in NY! Kiss the big apple for me. xo

Mousevox Vintage said...

"don't work from hime in your jammies all day" is a rule that SHOULD be broken. in fact, i break this rule myself once a week and don't even feel a twinge of guilt for doing so! you look great! xo

hannah said...

haha aw! i changed that rule for myself to, don't wear the same thing only if you are going to see any of the same people!

Ellenitza said...

I love this outfit - the jumper and boots together are perfect. I have trouble enforcing the pajama rule too.

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