Thursday, February 18

oxford day

By wearing my pair of caramel brown wingtip oxfords today I think I summoned the delivery of two new (vintage) pair I purchased! I think many of us are searching for our perfect pair of oxfords, and what's great is that can mean brown, black, cream, white...or whatever color! I have been on my oxford hunt for over a year now and amassed quite a collection. But the first pair, the brown pair that arrived today are really total perfection, I could have dreamed up a more perfect pair. Honestly.

1970s blue wool vest - thrifted
1970s cotton floral print shirt - thrifted
1970s gray wool skirt - thrifted
brass grommet belt - thrifted
1980s caramel oxford flats - thrifted


amanda / Rust Belt Threads said...

Cuuuuuute shoes, but what's really cute is that cat in a suitcase!

The Church of Vintage said...

Awe look at the kitty!(Cute shoes by the way) I think kitty is stealing your shoes thunder;)

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

aw! i want a suitcase bed for my kitty

Alyssa said...

LOVE your outfit. Especially your collared shirt and belt. Snazzy! And I really like that it's all vintage. :D

reilly said...

You look gorgeous! What a great outfit and great colors on you. :)

forrestina vintage said...

Also liking your shirt-vest combo today. Nice.

Capricioustraveler said...

I want to see them on girl! Pics pics! I found the perfect pair of oxfords a few weeks ago, but the sole was cracked, and i insisted on wearing them despite of this. I was walking through the goodwill and realized that the whole sole had come loose on the front half of the shoe, it was flopping like a scuba fin! So embarrassing. I had to retire them, just when i fell in love. The hunt continues..

Ellenitza said...

I love the floral print shirt - very Cacharel 1970s.

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