Friday, February 19

golden green

I've been hearing that from friends in other states that there's been some almost springlike days. Well that's certainly not the case here, but it got me thinking about spring. Albeit that's a dangerous thing to starting thinking about in February when you live in the north...but at least I could update the shop with a some colors of the sun & grass...a little gold & green.


kenzie said...

love your blog and vintage shop! Seems like it would be a real treat to go thrifting with you.

LOOKs {vintage fashion} said...

& that's my FAVORITE shade of green! GREAT's to a WARM spring season!


Teresa @ good-grace said...

Lovely, lovely pieces!! (I'm nuts for green lately...)

Hunter said...

That first green dress. *gasp*

Rosie said...

the purse with the wooden handle is pretty gosh darn amazing!

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