Thursday, January 7

tuesday's best

Tuesday I was out shopping for the shop at some of my favorite spots and at my last stop of the day I found this 1920s black silk chiffon beaded dress - in PERFECT condition, no rips, no tears, no missing beads. Amazing. I bought straight away and thought I'd put it in the shop, but I made the mistake of putting it on and it's even BETTER it's mine (at least for now). And the cute little cotton sailor blouse that I found Tuesday is now soaking in a bath of Oxyclean and I cannot wait to see it's brilliance later tonight!


jenny said...

GORGEOUS! So lucky you get to try on all your beautiful finds before you list them. Dangerous. So dangerous.

BaronessVonVintage said...

oh, I know how THAT goes. But I think you should let that chiffon beauty stay with you indefinitely, given how rare and love it is!!!

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