Tuesday, January 19

maybe an outfit?





So I have been posting these little outfit collections on my Facebook page for Dear Golden, calling them "Maybe an Outfit" and I felt like maybe I should also put them on my blog. They are real fun to do, sort of like paper dolls or dressing up a barbie. Or like Polyvore, but all from my shop!


Rosie said...

Great Idea! It really gives people who frequent your etsy shop (...me) ideas about how they can style what they buy! Thanks for your comment!

Francy said...

Love this idea! I love the last two outfit ideas.


Leilani said...

How fun, I was thinking paper dolls too, it's neat to see everything together like this--- I especially like the 2nd combo and the combo with the red coat.

Also congrats on being featured in a treasury (?) on the front page of etsy... it was one of your hats (raspberry color).

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

These are not maybe outfits---they're ADORABLE! Love the grey beret and the plaid coat. You have the best finds!
XX Kate

Kelley Anne said...

This is such a great idea. I love the outfits you put together.

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