Tuesday, January 12

indecision becomes decision with time

I could not decide what to wear today. Probably because for the past two days I have slept about 4 hours each night and now my brain is mushy. My mind has been keeping me awake debating whether or not to rent this space for my shop that would be a sort of workspace/shop, an atelier if you will. While the space is affordable so it's not the money that's the sticking point, it's a bunch of other factors like choosing to not work from home which is something I love almost more than anything (I have an unnatural attachment to my kitties and my slippers). So after two nights of not sleeping I have decided to keep my shop in my house and allot more space IN my house FOR the shop. And also I chose outfit three, in case you wondered.


Tien said...

I'd work from home, too, given the choice! Outfit 3 is a great "let's get down to business" outfit. Maybe it's just the coffee in your that's giving me that.

Anonymous said...

I like #3 the best, good thing :-)
We (me + boyfriend) have been negotiating a lease on our own retail shop the last 2 weeks.... I have to admit I am very hesitant to give up my current schedule. Being there all day will seriously cut into shopping time, but we'll be saving crazy $$$ in overhead compared to what we have going now at vintage "malls". Seems like you have a most excellent thing going for you - I like the cup of tea (coffee?) in hand!!

jarsika said...

So excited for you in SO many ways girlie. I say having a studio space is nice. You can always still choose to stay home for the day and work. But it's nice to have the room. TRUST me :)

Anonymous said...

i love your soft blousy tunic! all 3 outfits are so pretty. and i think it's probably a good choice to stick with working from home. it gets tiring having to get out of the house every day for work. and you can always change your mind and rent another space later. ~joelle

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

congrats! very exciting. i'd love to see photos of your shop!

Jennifer said...

I have an abnormal attachment to my cats, also. That makes you one of the coolest people to ever exist. I think if you have the space in your home and enjoy working from home, why reinvent the wheel?

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